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Our Story


As designers, we know for a fact that an interior space directly relates to the way we feel, and have experienced this first-hand by traveling, meeting new people and other cultures. Soon after realizing this, we knew how easy it is to create joyful ambiances with unique objects and color schemes that can enhance a joyful living.

The Joyous Concept

The concept of a joyful living is to create joyful ambiances. It could be at home or at work or any other interior space where you spend time. Having a space where you can feel joyful can enhance productivity, relaxation and overall well-being.

Our Shop

We are a slow production company, meaning we don't carry a big inventory. We work with small businesses as well as locals.

Our creative house is in Baja, CA Mexico & San Diego, CA, we work with the most amazing artisans to share with you their heritage and their concept of joy.